After being blindsided by a car accident a few years ago, I had to find a new hobby, so I went back to collecting vintage puzzles. Everyone knows if you find an old puzzle, more than likely it's going to have a piece missing. So drawing from my artistic background, I started making new pieces to fill those empty spaces. Found a website full of antique puzzles and wrote to the webmaster to offer to repair HIS incomplete puzzles. He liked them so much that he encouraged me to offer the same service to other collectors. Then I bought a scroll saw and graduated from cardboard puzzles to wooden ones, and my little repair hobby has blossomed into a full time 7 days a week job. Don't throw away that old puzzle with a missing piece. I can make it whole again!  And every now and then, when I have a free minute, I custom cut new wooden puzzles too. You can email me any time with questions.

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